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Tired of mass produced products with mysterious or unhealthy ingredients? How would you like to shop a local company making small batch products with high quality ingredients? Check out our collection today. We are currently just shipping inside the USA due to prohibitively expensive shipping costs, but I can recommend several wonderful soap makers in the UK and other countries if you would like to support your local makers, just message me for recommendations.  

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How it started…

  Hey Y’all! My name is Amanda and I am a lifelong Texas girl with a deep love for concocting both delectable baked goods and yummy treats for your skin too!    I got an early start in life playing closet chemist (I was a real life Dennis the Menace sadly) to my parents great frustration, but it was in 2016 that I found my calling and a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment I didn’t know I was missing (I have a degree in education but it turns out that wasn’t for me).       My kiddos developed a dermatitis condition and I started to research ways to help naturally.    Those first few loaves of soap were NOT pretty but I was hooked! I quickly outgrew my little corner of our garage, then the shed, and now I’m happily soaping away in my own little soapy studio attached to my house! Each small batch of soap is handcrafted with great care and the best ingredients providing a stellar bathing experience.    But, as most soapers will tell you, soaping is a gateway craft that will lead you down a rabbit hole of skin care concocting insanity! I quickly fell in love with research and development and began to craft my own highly tested recipes for luxury creams, scrubs, balms, shampoo bars and more.    It truly has been a crazy and wonderful adventure and I hope you’ll follow along as I continue to learn and grow in this wonderful business and maybe even snag a bar or two of lovingly crafted soap. 

Starry Sky
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Only the Best Ingredients! 

It is easy to find something we love and fall into a cozy, comfortable rut. I worked very hard at developing my soap recipe and absolutely loved it. But I found myself getting kind of restless and needed a change. The result of hours of research, painstaking shopping and careful development was the creamiest, most luxurious soap I have EVER used. Shea, cocoa and mango butters, coconut milk and tussah silk are some of the ingredients that make this the most luscious bar of soap ever. The fact that each of the 5 layers is a different type of high quality clay doesn’t hurt either! I hope you get the chance to try one of these bars because they are truly one of a kind! 

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